Truly Great Service

Located in the State Office building on the 8th floor. Our company has set out to create a service like no other. The goal is to serve great food that is streamlined to the consumer. Order online, pay and pick up at desired time. This will make waiting in line a thing of the past. 


SOB Grinds and Shaka Shack

unique tasty food

We have made it a point to bring new, exciting food and drink options to our guests. Our coffee is imported from Kauai, Hi. Our fruit bowl and smoothie ingredients are imported from Asia and Brazil. We love creating new trends in Juneau and believe you will be a fan of our products.  



Entertainment made easy

Always a family friendly atmosphere with our famous shave ice! But we are more than just food! Gla-Scholl Grinds is our entertainment company. We have photo booths, airbrush tattoos, shave ice, cotton candy and much more. Click on link below and message us for your next reservation. Or call 760-809-8151!

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Order Here 

The food portion is now available to order online on the Shaka Shack button below. Coffee is located on SOB Grinds button.  Specials will not be available to order online.